Wedding Cakes


So, you’ve been dreaming of a wedding cake that both looks stunning and tastes delicious, but don’t know who to trust with this all-important wedding detail? We’ve got good news for you!

wedding cakes

Our Pastry Chef

Trust an experienced professional.

Meet our very talented pastry chef, Marian.
She’s made countless wedding cakes in a wide variety of styles and flavours, so you can be confident this important detail is in safe hands!  Marian can make your dream wedding cake for you right here onsite (so there’s no need to stress about transporting it safely).

Simply send us a picture of how you want your cake to look, tell us what flavour (or flavours) you’d like and we’ll include the cost of the cake in our quote for your wedding.

Pricing starts from just $12.50 per person.

Email your requirements

Wedding Cakes

See our creations!

Check out our video of some of the wedding cakes Marian has enjoyed making over the past year.

This is just a small sample of the many cakes Marian has made for happy wedding couples.

The possibilities are endless!

wedding cakes

Mavis’s cakes for your Event elsewhere

now available to be ordered for your off site Wedding or celebration.

Our talented pastry chef Marian can create a range of beautiful cakes from multi-tiered Naked cakes, Croquembouche towers to full fondant master piece and always with a perfectly decadent center.


Speciality cake information

We can can customize your cake to suit your needs.

Make an enquiry below and have a cake specialist contact you with information.

Speciality cake information

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