Welcome to Winter! Open fire pits, Fire cooked feast, Australian made Whisky, live music, toasted marshmallows.

Mavis’s kitchen is well known for its amazing variety of events. Chef Clive is our head chef and also the owner of Wholly Smoke catering. Specialising in smoked meats and the art of low & slow. Join us for the American Style BBQ & Whisky night with live music, open fire pits with marshmallows for toasting, fine Whisky’s. We will definitely have a vegetarian option also ! Discounted ticket for the driver ! Book a ticket for 5 guests and the 5th ticket is $40 – BOOK HERE 
-Pork Ribs
-Louisiana Chicken
-Hot Links
-Blackened corn
-Mavis’s Garden Pickled Slaw
-Mac & Cheese
-Pecan Pie
-Keylime Pie
-Side of Maple Bacon