WOLLUMBIN FAMILY SUPPORT INC. WFS is devoted to the prevention of, and recovery from domestic violence within the Northern Rivers communities. They provide evidence-based services that respect diversity and promote safe and respectful relationships, families, and therefore communities.

WFS presently run two programs: Love Bites, which is a Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged between 15-17, and a

Finding Me Program which is a 12 -week recovery-based program supporting women to recover from domestic violence, and is focused on increasing their self-determination. Read More

THE MUSIC – TROMBONE KELLIE GANG Trombone Kellie Gang will have the audience clapping and dancing in their chairs and on the floor like they are in Bourbon St! With their mighty fine exhibition of jazz swing, jump blues, gospel & soul, rockabilly & rock & roll TK Gang

Trombone Kellie with her powerful vocals, trombone & guitar performance, Scrubby Pete will wow the crowd with his guitar. The engine room is simply brilliant with Toby Baron on drums, and Justin Pfeiffer on double bass. The TK Gang has become a big hit at Jazz & Blues Clubs across the Northern Rivers to the Sunshine Coast.

THE FOOD – MAVIS’S KITCHEN Mavis’s Kitchen will do what they are famous for ! 3 – course luncheon with produce grown organically and locally sourced.

But a meal at Mavis’s is more than that, it’s about taking the time to savour the flavours, to relax into the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you and to enjoy what we call those magical Mavis’s moments.

See the menu here