Individual, Intimate and Real!

We know as well as any how incredible it is to grab 100 plus of your nearest and dearest and throw a massive Wedding to shout your love out loud.

But it’s not for everyone, there’s a new trend on the rise handling the “All I need is You BABE” corner of the market. Those who typically before would have jumped on a plane to go see Elvis, grab an inebriated witness and… oops mind the sticky carpet “Get Hitched in Vegas” – maybe that’s not for you and your love either?

This is where we make our Introductions:

We’ve partnered with some of our favourite professionals offering their own take on the weddings market, offering Romantic & Personal Elopement packages. whether completely secret, Just the 2 of you or maybe with a small number of guests.  AND WE LOVE IT!

I hear you saying “Babe! that’s us where do we sign up?”  – Two Incredible operations that we work closely with and recommend are…

Hitched in Paradise – Local lad Celebrant Benjamin Carlyle who has made quite a name for himself with his surfing cool looks, guitar playing, ‘beachy’ not to forget funny, personal and heartfelt approach to tying couples in a knot. He and his wife Tahnee have developed HIP or Hitched in Paradise, creating very personal small weddings and elopements for couples. They work alongside photographer Benjamin Lynch of Blue Tulip Imaging capturing the moments perfectly.. Let’s face it, you’ll need photos when you reveal you ran away and tied the knot. Typically these packages are on offer during the week.

Elopement Collective – Another power couple Joshua Withers and Brittany Snow; these two haven’t missed a beat when it comes to this trend, Josh and Britt started Pop-up Wed a few years back, and with the internet boasting a plethora of Images featuring Josh Marrying couples in as faraway landscapes as Iceland, we are honored to be on the list of locations with these two – who if you gaze over their Instagram account, sure do prove they know a breathtaking location.

Josh has his own unique style, just the pair of lovers, He with his “powers that be” and a stunning natural backdrop ANYWHERE in the world.

Britt and Josh collaborate with some exceptional providors,  for anything locally here Heart and Colour team up with ‘the EC’ to create the images of your spectacular moment, but it’s not just photos, moving image by Wilde Visual, Florals by The Nesst  and styling by Arctic fox hire are often apart of the deal. you may be forgoing the wild party, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have the finer touches.

In working with both of these operations, Mavis’s Kitchen offers use of any of our ceremony locations, Intimate Lunches and Dinners in the restaurant (to let the good feelings linger) as well as accommodation packages to help you prepare for and then revel in the moment.